Memorial Day 99

BernieBlockIsAwardedHisRedScarfByCharlieBernie Block is awarded his Red Scarf by Charlie. (Bob Young Photo)

Bill_Louie_VicShareGoodTimesBill Hallinean, Louie Vega, and Vic Macias share good times. Vic pulled Jackson and Jim to a medivac helicopter. (Bob Young Photo)

Bill_Vic_Delia Bill and Vic share some special memories with Delia. (Bob Young Photo)

Bob_DeliaBob and Delia make plans to post photos from the Jackson family album onto our web site. The young man with the stick is Vic’s son. Vic’s wife and two sons attended the ceremony. Bill, Wayne and Charlie’s wife also attended. Several members of Jackson’s family were present and enjoyed sharing our memories. (Bob Young Photo)

Bob_Jim Jim Cully, the guideon bearer, and Bob remember the good old days. Jim was wounded during the rescue of Jackson. (Bob Young Photo)

Charlie_DeliaSpecial moments with Delia Wilson, Henry Jackson’s sister.

Delia is very proud of her Red Scarf and to be an honorary member of the scouts. It was a very special day. Charlie holds the guidon and Wayne and Vic are behind him. (Bob Young Photo)

CharliePresentsBillHallineanHisRedScarfCharlie presents Bill Hallinean his Red Scarf, the uniform of the day. Jim Cully holds A Troop guideon mounted on a staff loaned by 2/17 Cav, Ft Campbell. TV Channel 18, Lexington, KY, reported the days events. Phil Pittman commented that it was a good report. We should have a copy for review at our reunion. ( Bob Young Photo)

MemorialGuysLeft to Right, Wayne Miller, Charlie Rayl, Jim Cully, Bob Young, Tony Hoyer, Bob Inglett, Bill Hallinean, Louie Vega, Vic Macias, Bernie Block. (Bob Young Photo)

TonyDTroopCommanderTony Hoyer gets his Red Scarf. Tony, D Troop Commander, works in Washington and joined us for the day. He became a “RED” for a day. Tony was stuck with his troop in Kontum during TET 68 and we almost didn’t get them out. (Bob Young Photo)

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