Blues 70

ATroopMovedFromCampEnariSept 1969 A Troop moved from Camp Enari (Pleiku) to the Golf Course (An Khe) to escape the western monsoon’s bad flying weather. The monsoon stopped at the Mang Yang Pass. The French cemetery (not shown) in the Pass contained 150 Frenchmen ambushed by the Vietminh. They were buried standing up, facing France, I’m told. (David Sims Photo)

PrecisionDepartureFromFBHardtimesOctober 1969 Precision departure from FB Hardtimes Int’l Airport, west of An Khe, headed north for the “Oregon Trail” A.O. (David Sims Photo)

TerrorFromTheSkyOctober 1969 Terror from the Sky????? Skytrooper by the door is holding up his Peace Sign. (David Sims Photo)