Lift 69

atrphueyFor those folks that believe that hueys had armor plate, check this one.  That is what one tiny bullet will do to one.
Good thing this one was in tail boom and did not hit vital control systems.
(Photo by Art Walsh D Troop)

SLICK_PILOTSlick Pilot hard at work.
Sorry folks, I don’t have his name.
If any of you old troopers recognize him, please send me his name.
(Jim Hamilton photo)

TheCrewchiefs1968    The guys who keep it all in the air, the crewchiefs.  KP, Guard Duty, Details, and still fly and crew everyday.  A great bunch of heroes.  Sorry, I don’t have their names.  But I do remember their skill and dedication.  A great crew!

WOJoseMartinezTheLiftPilot1968  WO Jose Martinez, the lift pilot.
OK, Partner, Draw!
The dusty streets at high noon.

Inserting Troops
Inside UH 1 inserting troopsa
Sack Time Pilot between missions

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