Scouts 67

BobEhrhardtBrightDecember 1967. Now, tell the truth, have you ever seen a more happier back seater? Ehrhardt is ready to cover my side. He did damn good! Old “Blue Lu” 973 is about to leave the garage. Don’t think anyone else had two names on their bird. Bright and I couldn’t settle so we split it down the midddle. Ehrhardt didn’t care, he just wanted it to stay in the air. Got Bob Young, the platoon leader, the platoon sergeant, and the platoon line chief in the same bird. Never worry. (Bob Young Photo)

BobWOPittmanDecember 1967, These two warriors are glad to be back. You can tell from the clothes it was a hot and long day. WO Pittman, on the right, has put on his jacket. This is the Central Highlands and in the evening, as the sun goes down and the wind picks up, it turns cool. Good sleeping weather. Of course you are so tired who cares. Bob Young Photo)

EhrhardtDecember 1967. Well, we are back. It was another great day. Ehrhardt’s day isn’t over. He and the other crew chiefs now must work into the night to get ready for tomorrow. They did a great job of spliting the load up amoung themself. I think the real strength of Bright and Ehrhardt was their leadership and willingess to jump in and pull the load. They were leaders who pull the men together into a team, a cavalry team. (Bob Young Photo)

GenghisDecember 1967. Just another day at the office with “Genghis”. Old 973 and crew is ready. Going on a little scout mission. Platoon Sergeant Bright leading the way. SP5 Ehrhardt is in the back on the other side. I don’t think this is the day we last our tail rotor gear coupling and went end for end. That was a great ride. Finished upright with smiling skids. (Bob Young Photo)

InAFieldAlongDaktoAirstripDecember 1967. You know aviators always look for the best places for lunch. The caption on the back of the photo is “in a field along Dakto airstrip right after the big battle eating c-rations.” That is Bright and Young in the middle. May be WO Pittman on the left and LT Sapp on the right. I need some help on the names. (Bob Young Photo)

LtSappEhrhardtOthersDecember 1967. I need your help to name all in this photo. Lt Sapp, scout team leader, has the red scarf around his neck. SP5 Ehrhardt’s, the scout platoon line chief, back is to the conex continer. We kept our tools and parts in the conex. They are discussing the mission and maintenance. Heads you go, tails I go. “We are not going back to the same old place where we got shot at for last 15 days, or we?” “Well, I’ll just send my spot report from here. Hell! They are still there!” No job too tough for the cav! (Bob Young Photo)

TwoRedsOnTheGoDecember 1967. Two “REDS” on the go. Scouts call sign was “RED”, weapons platoon was “WHITE” and the infantry platoon was “BLUE”. The wood and dirt barriers were to protect the helicopters during an attack. We are kicking up some dust. The fine red dust made maintenance more difficult. The nearest OH-6 is carring a minigun out the left rear door. We either carried a crew of two with a minigun or a crew of three without the minigun. Some thought a crew of three provided more eyes and protection at our low and slow speed.(Bob Young Photo)

WOSmithLandingDecember 1967. The caption on the back is WO Smith landing. An attempt was made to land to the ground, not to a hover, to reduce the dust from the down wash. Appears he is carring a minigun ammo container in the back. The minigun is mounted on the left side. (Bob Young Photo)

ATroopAtFortKnox19671967. These may all be from A Troop.  I’ve got some names here.  Can you help sort them out?
Front Row, left to right,  Walter Carl, Ron Shultz (KIA),  ?,  ?
Second Row, Left to Right, Richard Dressler,  Jim Ehrhart, Dan Beckerdite, Wayne Levesque, ?
Standing, Jerome Kische, ? , Robert Yontz, James Groover, ?

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