Scouts 67a

Jim_Billy_DennisNo one will believe this with out a photo.  So a photo of the photographer is proof of all this stuff.  Look at those white t-shirts and shinning belt buckles.  America’s best right there in front of you.  From left to right is Jim Ehrhardt, Billy Bright and Dennis Carlin.  (Jim Smith Photo)

PartOfTheScoutPlatoon1967.  Part of the Scout Platoon.  In front without the hat is Bob Young.  From left to right is Dennis Carlin, Jim Ehrhardt, ????, ????, Scotty Walker (sun glasses), Don Peters, Billy Bright (No hat) and Dickie McCleny.  (Barbara Dunaway Photo)

TheScoutPlatoonPistolTeamThe Scout Platoon Pistol Team.

Here’s some early training stuff at Fort Knox, KY 1967.  Platoon Sergeant Billy Bright may have been conducting pistol cleaning class.  But, now tell me, who are you going call after seeing this photo?

After training together for six months at Knox and then together in Vietnam, you can see the special bond formed between the team members.  No one wanted to let the team down.  It was special to train and deploy as a unit to combat.  The individual replacements that followed in the later months may not have enjoyed the experience of that special unit cohesion.

The bonds formed by our team at Ft. Knox are just as strong, if not stronger today.

Standing left to right are LT Jim Sapp, CPT Bob Young, WO Phil Pittman, LT Jim Cully.  Kneeling left to right are WO Don Peters, WO Jim Smith and LT Charlie Rayl. (Jim Smith Photo)

TheTerrorOfKentuckyOk guys, who brought the bullets?  The terror of Kentucky.  From left to right are  Jim Cully, Jim Sapp, Don Peters, Charlie Rayle, Bob Young and Jim Ehrhardt.  (Jim Smith Photo)

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