Scouts 69


1969. Scouts on the go! (Mike McCarthy Photo)

asctluke6811969 Unknown, Gary Luke, Gary Davis, Jim Kiewal, Enderly   ?  ,
Gary Beirmann, Tom Sisson. (Gary Luke Photo)

BenNolette1969. Ben Nolette views another sapper-zap on a LOH. OK! Where’s the test pilot when you need him? (Gary Luke Photo)

LOH691969. This no way to treat a LOH. (Gary Luke Photo)

Pilots1969. Pilots all unknown except for Capt Baer–far -right (Gary Luke Photo)

ScoutCrewChiefGaryLuke1969. Scout Crew Chief Gary Luke. One of the best! (Gary Luke Photo)

An Khe Heading Out
Back At The Hooch Just Sitting Around Shooting The Bull

TheLuckySeven1969. The “Lucky Seven” 1969. The “Lucky Seven” Scout crew chiefs! Salute! Which one is Gary Luke (Coolhand)? From the left is Ben Nolette, Harry Gray, Gary Davis, unknown, unknown, Jim Kiewel, Jim Sindel and I took the picture. (Gary Luke Photo) Chapell_SanchezThese two guys were the comics in the hooch.
They took the ‘BAD” out of a bad day!
Chapell on left, Sanchez on right (by Richard Gordon)

C-RationsC-Rations,  YUM (by Richard Gordon)

EndOfMissionEnd of Mission, heading home to An Khe (by Richard Gordon)

Gordon 02

Gordon16Not sure but think this is Stephen Chappell ((by Richard Gordon))

Gordon17Sorry, can’t put a name on him, please help.  I do remember he loved to read. ((by Richard Gordon))

JimNicklesJim Nickles
the most decorated man in most outfits that I knew personally.  Talked about going back to flying sailplanes (Gliders) in Duarte, CA.  Member of S. Cal soaring asso. ((by Richard Gordon))

MrChapmanAndIOnTheWayToWorkMr. Chapman and I on the way to work.  Our office sure had a great view. ((by Richard Gordon))

PuffTheMagicDragon“Puff” The magic Dragon
Chinook Gunship protecting Armed Forces Radio near An Khe ((by Richard Gordon))

Robby Robinson

ScoutTeamHeadingOutOnMissionScout Team heading out on mission through early Monsoon season.
“Good Ships going in Harm’s Way” ((by Richard Gordon))

SgtMauriceRichardGordonYours Truly
SGT Maurice Richard Gordon
Red Bishop 14  ((by Richard Gordon))SgtMelvinJockSgt Melvin Jock
A man short on height but long on courage ((by Richard Gordon))

SgtMelvinJock1SGT Melvin Jock
Believe he is from Buffalo or up state NY and was going to be Trucker when he got back home ((by Richard Gordon))

SgtRichardGordonSgt Richard Gordon (Red Bishop 14) and 241 LOH ((by Richard Gordon))

SsgtJamesNickelsSSGT James Nickels
A True “Hero” in every sense of the word.
But, he would say, “Just doing my job” ((by Richard Gordon))


VC were attacking Armed Forces Radio Station near An Khe, gun ship giving’em hell. ((by Richard Gordon))

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