Scouts 71

Captain Jeff Anthony 1971

FreeLiftHomeFree lift home.
Not the way a LOH was meant to fly though.
(Gary Luke photo)

Go_lohOH6 (LOH) in front of revetment.
(Gary Ott photo)

GoodLandingAny Landing you walk away from is a good landing!  Now, who is resoponsible for this good landing?  The IP, or the Student?
And is this a sample of a typical Young/Smith landing?

LOHAfterUnfortunateIncidentLOH after unfortunate incident.  Not the way to land such a noble aircraft.
(Gary Luke photo)

LOHAtCampLOH at camp.  Waiting dawn of new day. Ready, willing, and able for new mission.
(Gary Luke photo)

Wilder_Miller0002Arden (Chopper) Wilder on left with Miller (Don’t remember much about him)   Chopper was one of the Best Scout Pilots in the Troop.  Also was the Troop IP for the OH6.  Not sure where the nickname (Chopper) came from but he was very comfortable with it and still uses it today.   Like I said, Great Pilot, even better friend.
(Jim Hamilton photo)

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