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Vietnam-era case analyst for DPAA in Washington DC is investigating is an F-4 loss in Cambodia 13 May 70, near the Lao/VN border. Elements of A/7/17 visited the site on 16 and/or 17 May. He has copies of statements from CW2 Enderle and Capt PJ Blake, but not sure who else participated. Looking for names of those who went to the crash site, as well as info on a diagram mentioned in Enderle’s statement that he couldn’t find.

Chris Williamson, michael.c.williamson.civ@mail.mil, Trying to identify a scout observer who was wounded while flying with me on recon near Pleiku, A/7/17, November 1971. Maybe Reynolds. silverspur@cox.net

I was with A troop 7/17 Air Cav. Started out in Pleiku Sept 1970 and went back to USA in sept 1971. my email is hansoi_14346@ yahoo.com

Remember Alfred Arce? – Deb_russo@yahoo.com

Cav Guidon